phrases about opposites in Danish

Learn phrases about (opposites) in Danish

Learning phrases about opposites in Danish can be important for a few reasons. First, it can help you expand your vocabulary and understand the language better by learning different words and their antonyms. Second, it can help you express yourself more precisely and accurately by knowing how to describe contrasting concepts.

Danish Phrase English Translation Opposite
Godt Good Dårligt (Bad)
Højt Loud/High Lavt (Soft/Low)
Lyst Bright/Light Mørkt (Dark)
Stor Big Lille (Small)
Langsom Slow Hurtig (Fast)
Let Easy/Light Svært/Tungt (Difficult/Heavy)
Sund Healthy Usund (Unhealthy)
Varm Hot Kold (Cold)
Ren Clean Beskidt (Dirty)
Hvid White Sort (Black)
Fuld Full Tom (Empty)
Nær Near/Close Langt (Far)
Flad Flat Høj (High/Raised)
Kort Short Lang (Long)
Meget Much/Very Lidt (Little)
Smuk Beautiful Grim (Ugly)
Venlig Kind Uvenlig (Unkind)
Våd Wet Tør (Dry)
Ældre Elderly/Older Yngre (Younger)
Blød Soft Hård (Hard)