Bank phrases in Danish

Phrases You Use (At the bank)

Learning bank phrases in Danish can be useful for a variety of reasons:

  1. Banking transactions: If you live or work in Denmark, you may need to perform banking transactions in Danish, such as opening a bank account, transferring money, or applying for a loan. Knowing the relevant Danish phrases can help you communicate effectively with bank personnel and understand the banking processes.
  2. Business and career: If you work in the finance sector, knowing Danish bank phrases can help you communicate with Danish clients, colleagues, or partners. It can also enhance your career prospects if you are looking for a job in Denmark’s financial industry.
English Danish
Bank Bank
Account Konto
Savings account Opsparingskonto
Checking account Lønkonto
Balance Saldo
Withdrawal Udbetaling
Deposit Indbetaling
ATM Hæveautomat
Credit card Kreditkort
Debit card Debetkort
Pin code Pin-kode
Online banking Netbank
Transfer Overførsel
Interest rate Rente
Loan Lån
Mortgage Boliglån
Investment Investering
Stock market Aktiemarked
Bank statement Bankudskrift